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The history of Research drug stores spans over 40 years, considering that it is also the story of three individuals- a grandfather, a father, and a son- all pharmacists


To uphold the best qualities of a good neighborhood pharmacy: convenient, clean, affordable, efficient, friendly, safe, discreet, dependable, and simply Ideal.


We do overnight delivery and you will have your package next day morning by 10 am within the US.We offer guaranteed delivery with a tracking number.


We provides FDA approved medicines without any issues.Research drug stores provides major Rx insurance plans, such as Express Scripts,

Dr.Brian Steve and Dr.Robins Collins (Founders)

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This is an on-line Drug Store.Meds Shipped Quickly and Discreetly to Your Home.

This is an on-line Drug Store.Meds Shipped Quickly and Discreetly to Your Home.No prescription is needed

We offer a complete money back guarantee as well. If discretion and financial security are your concern, we are the best you can try out. With our warehouse in Mountain View, California, we can deliver you the package of painkillers and supplements within a night’s time.


We have stocks of all that you might need including the likes of the all-famous Vicodin, Xanax, and Roxicodone. You can take these meds as a form of pain management and get the much needed relieve. All our medicines for managing pain are health terms compliant and we take pride in delivering the greatest gift to you- Health!


All you need to do is to provide to us with your order and your full delivery address so that we can start right away with the packaging.We offer guaranteed delivery with a tracking number.We do discrete packaging and our delivery is safe and secured.Customer privacy and identity is respected above all.

We owe our success to the relationships have developed with our customers.

Our pharmacists are cognizant of your individual needs, and because we are independent, we can change our product selection quickly to meet the needs of our local customer.

Our service is specific to us. We believe that customers will not receive service like ours at big chain drugstores. We can provide this level of service because each of our supervising pharmacists is also a storeowner and business partner. This keeps our stores in touch with customers like you and lets us actively work to learn your specific needs.


This is an international drugstore we have a branch in USA (CA) where we are located and our head branch is in Europe (Turkey)TURKEY CONTACT: +905347013271

So payments can be made on our website using our online Order Now Form on the order now page of the website.Shipment is done within the US directly from CA.

Refund Policy
International regulations prohibit us from accepting returned medications from a customer.
If for any reason your package did not arrive we will issue a refund OR reshipment of your order. Refunds will be only issued when a customer chooses a refund instead of reshipment in one of the following situations:

  • A customer did not receive his order.
  • Merchandise arrived in bad conditions, or bad quality.
NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED Buy painkillers online without a prescription
We offer a valid prescription for your order then ship together with your package.